Prepare your publication with IISTE

  1. Prepare your paper according to IISTE format

You can download the standard IISTE format here and prepare your paper first:


  1. The authors must note that submitting an article to an IISTE journals means that
    1. authors confirm that the articles are original;
    2. there’s no conflicts of interests or any plagiarism issues;
    3. the article is not being considered elsewhere;
    4. the authors are willing to transfer the first publishing right to the publisher if the article is accepted after review.


  1. Submit it to the journal you are interested in with EMAIL
Business, Economics, Finance and Management PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
European Journal of Business and Management
Research Journal of Finance and Accounting
Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development
Information and Knowledge Management
Developing Country Studies
Industrial Engineering Letters
Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Natural Sciences Research
Chemistry and Materials Research
Mathematical Theory and Modeling
Advances in Physics Theories and Applications
Chemical and Process Engineering Research
Engineering, Technology and Systems PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems
Innovative Systems Design and Engineering
Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy
Information and Knowledge Management
Control Theory and Informatics
Journal of Information Engineering and Applications
Industrial Engineering Letters
Network and Complex Systems
Environment, Civil, Materials Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Environment and Earth Science
Civil and Environmental Research
Journal of Natural Sciences Research
Life Science, Food and Medical Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Natural Sciences Research
Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare
Food Science and Quality Management
Chemistry and Materials Research
Education, and other Social Sciences PAPER SUBMISSION EMAIL
Journal of Education and Practice
Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization
New Media and Mass Communication
Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy
Historical Research Letter
Public Policy and Administration Research
International Affairs and Global Strategy
Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
Developing Country Studies
Arts and Design Studies


  1. You will receive a confirmation from the editor with 24 hours
  2. You will be notified whether the paper is accepted for publication within 20 business days (usually) after the peer review.
  3. Prepare the final paper and the copyright form
  1. Authors send the final papers for publication. IISTE publish the article online at end of the month. 
  1. IISTE printing contractor will send out the package of the hard copies in the middle of the following month.