3 biology powerpoints

“3 biology powerpoint each 6-15 slides each
one slide must include 5 multiple choice questions 
You  will  also  notice  that  Power Points are  missing  for       , # 8, #10  and #12.  This  will  become one of  your  2 assignments  !   You  will  compose  the  PPTs  that you  think are  needed  for 8,10,12. So  if  you work  through  TOXTUTOR…….you  should  very  comfortably  be able to put  together  what YOU  think would  be  the PPT  necessary  to  teach the material in each of those 3 sections. I  would expect  PPTs  to  be anywhere  from  6-15 slides,depending upon the significance of the material  presented by TOXTUTOR.  Also  include  one slide with  5  multiple choice  questions ( with indication of  correct answer ) which you feel appropriate  for each of  those 4 sections.  THIS  WILL BE  Assignment #1     I   suggest  that  you  get  through  this material  and construct  the PPTs with  quiz  

chapter 8………..https://toxtutor.nlm.nih.gov/08-000.html
chapter 10……….https://toxtutor.nlm.nih.gov/10-000.html
chapter 12……….https://toxtutor.nlm.nih.gov/12-000.html”