An Artistic Image

“Locate on the internet a piece of still art on the topic of Coronavirus or of Black Lives Matter. Do not choose a video of any kind.  A photograph by itself may not be sufficient.  It has to be something that someone has made to intentionally send a message about the pandemic or police brutality, which has resulted in the Black Lives Matter movement.  Be sure that this is really art that someone has created on either of these two topics.  I am attaching an example.

For Discussion four, you must post a picture of this art related to the pandemic or the Black Lives movement.  You have two further tasks as the writer of this post. First, you will describe precisely what you see in the picture, so that even if the viewer couldn’t see it, your description would be almost sufficient to create a picture in the reader’s mind.  It’s okay to give the title if the artist has given a caption to the image.
After you have described what you see, secondly, do a rhetorical analysis of the image. You can learn what rhetorical analysis consists of in Reading on Career, on p. 41.  This is available in CONTENT. In a rhetorical analysis, you analyze (break down) the author, the audience, the topic, and the purpose of this image. There are directions for how to do so on pp. 41-42.   You can also read about audience, purpose and topic in Read Write Connect on pp. 183-85.