An essay of 750 words

“1. Which of the environmental challenges for Asia do you think is the most difficult to overcome?Which Soviet policy had the most lasting and damaging effect on Central Asia.
2.  What are some of the problems exporting energy oil and natural gas from Central Asia?
3. Do you think the Taliban would have risen to power in Afghanistan without Soviet or United States’ involvement in the region?
4. What are some of the impediments to economic growth experienced by the rural Indian farmers and what are some potential solutions to these impediments?
5. How have the forces of globalization affected the urban-industrial regions of India?
6. Describe some of the water management issues in China.
7. Which energy source seems to be most promising for China’s future energy needs? Why?
8. Do you think China’s population control policies are un-democratic and violate human rights? Why or Why Not.
9. Explain how the Japan Model is “”top-down”” in many ways.
10. How has deforestation in Southeast Asia helped the economies of the affected countries?
11. What are the positive and negatives of overseas workers from Southeast Asia?
12. What are some of the unique challenges to development in Southeast Asia?