Analyzing and visualizing data

“Please identify a computer system you have recently had experience with (at home, work, etc.). Assume that you have to do a ppt presentation on one security-related problem on that computer. The presentation would be a minimum 8 slides. You will need slides that describe: (1) the location (company/individual) of the computer and what the specific problem is; (2) who/what is impacted by the problem and how; (3) your recommendations/suggestions for resolution; (4) a conclusion and possibly Questions slide(s); and (5) a separate references slide. The target audience for this presentation is a manager who you are trying to convince/persuade to take some action based on your investigation and presentation of this security issue.

Begin with a description of the organization and the computer system you have chosen (can be fictitious). But, if you make assumptions about any specifics – please note these as such in your presentation. Draw from the assigned readings (and your independent research) as to what best practices to employ to achieve your objective. Consider such things as: the topic scope, time, and your target audience..”

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