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“Applying lessons learned from project scheduling
Throughout this course you have taken a project scenario from a project charter, through the WBS and network diagram, to a fully resourced project schedule. Now is your opportunity to reflect on what you have learned in this course and consider how you could further apply project scheduling techniques and to advance your knowledge of this field.
In a 5- page APA Microsoft Word formatted paper (not including title page, table of contents, or references), reflect on what you have learned and how you will apply and develop your knowledge. Focus specifically on answering the following questions in your paper:

What tools and techniques have you learned in this course?
How do you intend to apply these concepts in your      workplace?
Of the tools and techniques, you have learned, which      did you consider to be most important? Why?
Consider a project you have seen executed in your work.      Which, if any of the techniques that you have learned did you observe      being carried out?
What lessons have you learned in this course?”