anthropology1- chapter question

“Be sure you have thoroughly read the full instructions posted in the General Information section before you submit your homework.  

1.Define three major forms of primate locomotion. Name at least one species associated with each.

2.After viewing the films, discuss two specific physical characteristics or biological traits  of the non-human primates.  Why are the traits you choose key to the specific primates evolution?  Give examples to illustrate your understanding.

Required readings:
Textbook: Chapter Six – An Overview of the Primates
Chapter Six PowerPoint: Posted in Module
Required Films:
Nova Science Now: First Primates
NOVA scienceNOW : 41 – First Primates (Links to an external site.)
Aye-aye: hooking and eating grub
Aye Aye feeding (Links to an external site.) 
Pygmy marmoset feeding (Links to an external site.)
Spider Monkeys:  prehensile tail in action (Links to an external site.)
Sumatran Orangutan overview
Orangutans feeding in the trees | Wild Indonesia | BBC (Links to an external site.) 
Mountain Gorilla eating
mountain gorilla eating bamboo (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Hamadryas Baboon Overview
The Hamadryas Baboon (Links to an external site.)”