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Discussion-1 400  words minimum (topic : Firewall Selection   ):

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Assume you are a security professional for an educational institution with 10 servers. Researchers on campus push a lot of traffic over the network, which slows performance at times. You also have a limited budget. You are evaluating both stand-alone and embedded firewalls in preparation of a purchase. A stand-alone firewall filters traffic before it reaches your servers, while an embedded firewall would be implemented on each server.
Answer the following question(s):
Which type of firewall would you choose? Why?

Discussion-2 400  words minimum (topic : Compliance Goals  ):

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The process of reaching security goals is a continual process that requires specific direction. An organization’s success at complying with its internal security policy and external security regulations depends, in part, on clearly stated goals.
Answer the following question(s):

What are two potential consequences to an organization that does not have clearly stated goals? Why?

 Assignment ( minimum 3 pages content):

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