Assignment 10

“Marketing Proposal / OR/ Policy Memorandum
Your marketing proposal/OR/Policy Memorandum will be addressed the following:
1. Pick a company of your choice
2. You are going to pick a format: either marketing proposal or policy memo
3. You will be writing this document to the CEO of the selected company of your choice.
4. You are asked to analyze and make recommendations for “”how to make your company more diverse and inclusive””
5. Your final exam should be no more than 1000 words.
6. Your writing should show familiarity with assigned readings in this course and key themes. Your writing should be clear, error-free, and well organized.
7. Make sure to write a strong, persuasive, and targeted proposal or memo. Collect and analyze empirical evidence.
8. Utilize adequate citations/references tailored to your audience.
To: CEO 
from: YOU