Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology

The world is getting more technological each day, and most businesses and industries are looking for information technology professionals. These developments have led to students enrolling up for this subject.

Unfortunately, most students find the subject quite complex than they thought. This makes them start looking for business information technology assignment help. The significance of this in the fact that there isn’t any business that operates without the use of computers along with other technological advanced resources.

Besides, several students are captivated and have a genuine interest in pursuing business information technology. Nonetheless, as important as it seems, it is also challenging. As such, most students often find themselves struggling in various areas where they can’t complete their assignments.

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What is Business Information Technology?

Business Information Technology is a new subject that works to bring together two key aspects of computer training, which is, linking information technology and the business environment. It is designed to deal with issues around developing and implementing IT solutions that meet organizational strategies like the use of information systems to give businesses a competitive advantage through proper information management. This subject aims to equip the students with the following:

  • Equip students with a broad base of knowledge and skills of business and information technology to help them manage business information in the modern world.
  • Provide them with an understanding of concepts and perspectives that form the context of business information technology.
  • Equip business information technology students with knowledge and skills to enable them to manage modern businesses using information technology.

Business Information Technology : Major Options We Provide Help

We have a team of expert writers who have experience in handling various assignments from business information technology topics. Among the topics here are three main ones they provide help with:

Operations Supply Chain Management (BIT-OSM)The OSM major is designed to equip students with knowledge on how to manage operations in various businesses. It mainly focuses on logistics, scheduling, quality management, project management, forecasting, and other supply chain management functions. It is no doubt this is a broad topic that requires extensive studies and research to get all the concepts right and to write comprehensive assignments. So, are you experiencing difficultly in writing assignments from this topic? Well, our team of expert writers will work round the clock to research on your assignment and then write a comprehensive solution that will see you score high grades.

This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge to design, implement, and use computerized systems that support business managers in the decision-making process. Some of the topics that students have to face in this major include database management, visual interface design, artificial intelligence, and computer languages like Visual Basic, C++, and JAVA. When most students are assigned assignments from these topics, they get terrified as they are deemed difficult and require extensive studying. It is for this reason that most students turn to business information technology assignment help for assignment writing services that guarantee them the best quality solutions for high grades.

This major focuses on business processes and data analytics as applied to cyber security management. In BIT-Cyber, students get the knowledge and proficiency in cyber policy, risk management, incident business response, using data to understand attacks on business assets, and overall management of the cyber security functions within a business setup. If you have sleepless nights with writing assignments from these topics, then know that we have your back. Connect with us today and receive the best quality assignment help from our expert writers.

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DBMS110 – M05 Assignment (6 questions; 40 points total)

Upload a copy of each of your scripts to IvyLearn.

  • M05_LastNameFirstName_CreateTables
  • M05_LastNameFirstName_Constraints
  • M05_LastNameFirstName_Alter
  • M05_LastNameFirstName_InsertInto
  • M05_LastNameFirstName_Update

*Note: For fields that exist in multiple tables, data type and size should be the same (i.e. ProjDeptID exists in ProjDept, Employee, and Task tables; the datatype for the ProjDeptID in each of these tables should be the same).  When creating tables, consider data that is dependent on each other (i.e. primary key fields must always be created before foreign keys can reference them).  For the data entry is time consuming; be sure to allot enough time to complete the data entry portion of this assignment.  To successfully insert your statements, use the same table names that used in when creating the tables for this assignment. When entering data, consider data that is dependent on each other (i.e. primary key data must always be added before foreign keys). Required fields must have data.

(40 points) Based on the Entity Relationship Diagram (shown on page 3) for the Employee Projects Database, complete the following:

Write the SQL statements for creating the tables for the Employee Projects Database. Save these statements in a script called M05_LastNameFirstName_CreateTables (where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name). Run/execute these commands in Oracle Application Express. Upload a copy of your script to IvyLearn.

  • ID fields use NUMBER(x) datatype
  • Date fields use DATE datatype
  • Any field that will be a string use the VARCHAR2(x) datatype, where x is the appropriate size of the field

To assist with choosing sizes for the datatypes, some examples of the data for each table created can be found on the last page of this assignment.

Write the SQL statements for altering the tables in the Employee Projects Database to define the primary key and foreign key constraints. Save these statements in a script called M05_LastNameFirstName_Constraints (where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name). Run/execute these commands in Oracle Application Express. Upload a copy of your script to IvyLearn. If the primary key and foreign key constraints have been created in the previous script, ignore this step.

Write the SQL statements for the altering the following tables. Save these statements in a script called M05_LastNameFirstName_Alter (where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name). Run/execute these commands in Oracle Application Express. Upload a copy of your script to IvyLearn.

Employee – add a unique column that holds an email address

Create the SQL DML statements for inserting rows of data into the tables for the Employee Projects Database. Save these statements in a script called M05_LastNameFirstName_InsertInto (where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name). Run/execute these commands in Oracle Application Express. Upload a copy of your script to IvyLearn.

Create the SQL DML statements for updating the task details in the Project Task table in the Employee Projects Database. Save these statements in a script called M05_LastNameFirstName_Update (where LastName is your last name and FirstName is your first name). Run/execute these commands in Oracle Application Express. Upload a copy of your script to IvyLearn.

In each script created above, include the following comments:

At the beginning of the script include your name, the date, and the name of the script and a summary of what the script will do.

Throughout the script, include comments to describe briefly what each section of script will do.

For fields that are marked as *, these are required/mandatory fields.

For fields that are marked as °, these are optional fields.
Primary key and foreign key fields have been labelled accordingly.


ProjDept Data

ProjDeptID ProjDeptName OfficeLocation PhoneNumber
1001 Accounting ITCC01-400 888-285-8100
2001 Human Resources ITCC01-200 888-285-8200
3001 Marketing ITCC02-300 888-285-8300
4001 Information Technology ITCC02-100 888-285-8400
5001 Legal ITCC01-100 888-285-8500


Employee Data

EmployeeID FirstName LastName ProjDeptID PhoneNumber Email
10 Mark Columbus 1001 888-285-8101
29 Elvin Wahl 2001 888-285-8201
38 Taylor Noel 3001 888-285-8303
47 Ariel Colby 4001 888-285-8401
56 Riley Peterson 4001 888-285-8402
65 Terence Ferdinand 1001 888-285-8102
74 Bryce Daley 5001 888-285-8501
83 Eva Myers 2001 888-285-8203
92 Lyn Lorenzo 3001 888-285-8305
11 Jamaal Holt 3001 888-285-8307


Project Data

When inserting into this table, use the following format to help with the start dates and end dates. Start date/End date will be replaced with the data values exactly as they are shown in the Start Date/End date column.

INSERT INTO Project VALUES (ProjectID, ProjectName, ProjDeptID, MaxHours, TO_DATE (StartDate,’DD-Mon-YYYY’), TO_DATE (EndDate,’DD-Mon-YYYY’));

Project Data

ProjectID ProjectName ProjDeptID MaxHours StartDate EndDate
901 Product Plan 3001 135 10-May-12 15-Sep-12
902 Tax Preparation 1001 120 05-Jul-12 15-Oct-12
903 Portfolio Analysis 5001 145 10-Aug-12


Project Task Data

ProjectID EmployeeID HoursWorked
901 47 30
901 56 75
901 38 55
902 65 40
902 10 45
902 74 25
903 74 20
903 83 45
903 29 40
901 74 35
902 56 80


UPDATE Project Task Data

To update the Task Details table, you will have to use the AND keyword in your WHERE clause. Look at the format below.


UPDATE tablename

SET columname = value

WHERE condition1 = value AND condition2 = value


ProjectID EmployeeID TaskDetails
901 47 Payments
901 56 Error checking
901 38 User management
902 65 Annual Accounts
902 10 Research requirements
903 83 Overview
903 29 Error checking