Case Study Week 2 (for Dr. NoorFatima)

“Open the links below on the homeless camp situation in Santa Cruz, California.
KSBW Report Jan 24, 2019 
KION News Report March 18, 2019
KSBW News Report – March 20, 2019
KSBW News Report April 18, 2018
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article April 19, 2019
KSBW News Report May 10
1. Provide a short summary of the primary stakeholder’s positions on establishing a Tent City for the homeless in Santa Cruz:
· Businesses
· Residents
· Homeless advocates
· City leaders
2. What are the City leaders doing to help resolve the situation?
3. How are key stakeholders working together to create a temporary to permanent solution for homeless in Santa Cruz?
4. What did you learn about this case
The case study paper will be 3 pages (750 words minimum), APA format, 12 fonts, in-text citation and time romans. Use the grading rubric to maximize the points for a good paper.