Cause and effect essay

“Topic: Most of our best memories relate to the time spent with our family members. 
Write a five paragraph essay by explaining what could be causes and effects of close family relations. 

Introduction 5 sentences
a.  Hook: 1 sentence
b.  Background Information: 1-3 sentence
c.  Thesis Statement: 1 sentence; last sentence of Intro para; provides 3 causes that will be discussed in the Body paras
1.  Body 1: Cause 1
a.  Mini-introduction: on Cause 1 (at least 1 sentence)
b.  Supporting Detail 1/Effect 1 (at least 1 sentence)
c.  Supporting Detail 2/Effect 2 (at least 1 sentence)
d.  Supporting Detail 3/Effect 3 (at least 1 sentence)
e.  Mini-conclusion on Reason 1/Transition to Cause 2 (at least 1 sentence)
2.  Body 2: Cause 2
=Repeat Body 1=
3.  Body 3: Cause 3
=Repeat Body 1=
4.  Conclusion 2 sentences