Culture diversity

“Write an essay  that explain  your  learning about diverse cultural perspectives. e Choose ONE  you will have one primary cultural tradition  event and two comparison events, all three from different places around the world.   Be sure you have chosen two cultural events that serve a similar purpose to your primary cultural event in other parts of the world.Questions for primary cultural event:

What is the cultural event you experienced? Did you attend in person or watch it online?
What did you hear and see? What stood out to you while experiencing this event?
What was your initial impression of the culture when you experienced this event?
What did you learn about the event through research? Consider current practices and historical relevance.
Is the event practiced the same now as it has been historically? Elaborate and exemplify.
Has the event spread to other places in the world? Where? What are some of the differences and similarities in how it is practiced or celebrated?

Questions for secondary cultural events:

What two other cultural events did you choose?
What is their country of origin? (Remember, one can be from your own country of origin, but the other must be from another part of the world.)
What purpose do two cultural events serve, and why is this similar to your primary cultural event?
How are they similar or different from your primary cultural event? (Consider food, music, dancing, singing, decorations, or dress.)

Wrap-up Questions:

Did you find any evidence of cultural influence, inspiration, or sharing across your chosen cultures?
What do your chosen cultures have in common? (Think about basic beliefs and behaviors of the people.)
Why do you think cultures around the world practice similar events and share common beliefs, and what does this say about human beings and culture.