“Research fixed and growth mindsets in scholarly peer reviewed journals. Write 500 words explaining what each is.  Evaluate yourself, do you think you have a growth mindset or fixed?  This assignment allows you to use first person.  You can say things like “”I have a fixed mindset because I focus on grades rather than on mastering the material.”” If you find that you are in a fixed mindset, what can you do to shift to a growth mindset?
For all paragraphs that do not include your opinion, self-assessment, or steps that you plan to take to shift your mindset, you must use references and citations.
Ensure you use citations and references to avoid plagiarism. Do use any sources other than those which you include in your references.  Ensure that all references are cited. 
Use APA 7th edition.
Be aware that if you plagiarize during this assignment it will be dealt with as outlined in policies”

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Module 7 Discussion 1


In 250 words, discuss how Universal Access to health care would impact the US healthcare system. Reference at least 2 scholarly sources.


  1. Explain the confidentiality rules of defense attorneys, and some situations where they may be able to disclose confidential information.

    2. Compare the potential conflicts of interest of defense attorneys and those of prosecutors.

    3. List and describe the functions of jury consultants and why they are criticized.

    4. Describe the different factors that are acceptable and unacceptable for prosecutors to consider when making the decision to charge or what to charge.

    5. List the types of information that can be disclosed to the media and the information that should not be revealed to the media by prosecutors