Discussion 1

“Hello and Welcome to EH 1401,

As many of you begin this course and your journey toward better awareness of your writing difficulties, we are going to start the first leg of your quest to improve your writing by reading the following article on “”Common Writing Mistakes””. Hopefully, we will all take an honest look at our writing past, including our greatest weaknesses, fears, and writing strong suits, so that we can honestly determine where that journey toward better writing needs to start. The first step in improvement for any aspect of life is seeing where we fall short. Thus, I hope this article will stimulate some genuine discussion and dialogue between you all where you exchange ideas about how you have struggled with some of these issues as well as how you plan to truly try and become a better writer. 

Improving Writing: Having good writing skills is an asset. 

Read the following article as it features commentary on the most common mistakes or struggles students experience with writing. Just like any other issue that might serve as a source of frustration, I find that acceptance of the issue is the first step in initiating growth! Thus, see if you recognize any areas profiled in the article where you might need to make a conscious decision to improve!

https://www.noodle.com/articles/10-common-writing-mistakes-to-avoid-in-college (Links to an external site.) 

Assuming most individuals have at least some room for improvement, which of the 10 suggestions do you think would help you to improve your writing skills the most? Why do you think so? Explain with details. Have you used any of these tips and tools before? If so, what was your experience with them? How have or did they help you to move ahead to better writing? Are there new ones you’d be willing to try? Can you think of any additional tips and tools that are not mentioned on the list? In addition to your “”main post,”” be sure to respond to a few peers.

Discussion 1

“There are many examples of the use of risk analytics in the world today. Your task for this week’s discussion board is to identify a real, recent example of risk analytics, thoroughly examine it, and then analyze it for the class. Your example and response must comply with the following requirements:

Your chosen topic must involve an organization using risk analytics within the past 12 months.
You must summarize how and why the organization used risk analytics, citing the source of your information.
You must identify and describe for the class how the organization’s use of risk analytics impacted them. Identify outcomes, positive or negative, that were realized by the organization through their analytics activities.
You must examine ethical components of their use of risk analytics. Be thorough in your examination. For example, it is ethical for a credit card company to control who can hold their cards, and how much those card holders can charge; but it is also ethical for that credit card company to grow its revenues and profits. If your chosen topic were a credit card company using risk analytics to get more of their cards into the hands of more and more consumers, what would the ethical considerations and ramifications be for that card company?
Your original post must be no less than 300 words”

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