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“The Constitution

Please read this 1927 Supreme Court case and analyze it using the IRAC format, which was introduced in our first chapter.
5 Gong Lum v. Rice, 275 U.S. 78 (1927).pdf
The case takes place in a darker time of American history but sheds light on the significance of our U.S. court system. Without discussion your personal thoughts, please analyze this case using the IRAC format: Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion. If you would like to provide your personal opinion, you may do so after your analysis. 
Issue: What is the question presented to the Court? In other words, what are the parties fighting about, and what is the Court trying to decide?
Rule: What are the relevant rules of law that the Court uses to make its decision?
Analysis: How does the Court apply those rules of law to the facts in the case?
Conclusion: What is the holding of the Court? In other words, what did the Court conclude or what is the final outcome of the case? (Your finding should only be stated in one or two sentences.)
NOTE: The method of legal reasoning known as “”IRAC”” was introduced in Chapter 1 on page 17. IRAC is introduced to all law students as they commence their legal studies. IRAC is useful with respect to helping serve as a foundation for learning case law, applying legal rules to the relevant factual context, and making persuasive legal arguments.”