Environmental Problems & Solutions

“Part I: Pre-Trip Planning  Before you visit a field site, do background research about where you’ll visit so once you’re at the location, you can ask poignant questions, critically think about the processes taking place, and be able to enjoy your field trip on a deeper level.  Part II: Self-Guided Field Trip Report  Your Self-Guided Field Trip report is graded on the following basis:  ▪ Original work and appropriate length (minimum of 1,000 words, 12 point font, double spaced) ▪ Quality of background research (include a References list and cite all sources referenced). Link your background research to what you learned in the field. 
GEOG 301: Bay Area Environments Spring 2019  ▪ Linking field evidence to patterns/processes discussed in class readings, assignments, and lectures. ▪ Quality of writing (it should be both engaging and analytical). ▪ Inclusion of appropriate photographic evidence of your visit(s). At least one