Ethics Reflection

Purpose: Ethics reflections are designed to encourage you to think about the importance of ethics to the production of technical writing. Completing these will prepare you to be able to meet the following course and program learning outcomes:  Locate, evaluate, and integrate credible research into a written document for a specific purpose and work-world audience.  Edit for accuracy, brevity, clarity, to write an ethical document with a specific purpose and work-world audience. Instructions: These should follow a short essay format. Please use 12 point font, single-space, skip lines between paragraphs, and use 1” margins. Finally, no research is required for these, but please make sure to cite if you do include any information that is not your own, or common knowledge. Length: Your response must be no less than 250 words (that’s about 3 averagesized paragraphs), Try to limit your responses to about 500 words max.