How can we characterize contemporary hegemony?

   Joseph Stiglitz, “Rent Seeking and the Making of an Unequal Society” 
(New Humanities Reader)
Franklin Foer, “Mark Zuckerberg’s War on Free Will” (linked on Sakai as 
an excerpt from  World Without Mind)
Karen Ho, “Biographies of Hegemony” (New Humanities Reader)

In all three essays listed above, we see examples of small “elite” groups that 
wield both financial power and significant, sometimes unacknowledged 
influence over others.  Taking into account the power granted to these 
groups by technological factors, regulatory capture, financial dominance, or 
even just the widespread perception of elite status, please provide an 
answer to the following question in an essay that makes use of evidence 
from all three texts: 
How can we characterize contemporary 
5 full pages minimum