In any case, you apply for a job vacancy in one of the most prominent law firms firms? An interview is no exception. However, inadequate preparation can lead to tremendous interview fail, and you might in turn lose your job. Law Interview questions are just but a few tests to prove you are dependable in your profession. For example ‘’Tell me about yourself’’ is One of the most commonly asked questions.

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The most essential thing to have during interviews is confidence.  If you doubt your confidence, then you are twice defeated. Always be sure that what you fear is valuable and might be your last line of defense.


At law firms, employers ask questions to gauge your knowledge of the specific field, understand how you balance your scheme and learn more about your process of interacting with clients (communication skills). It’s important to know what kind of questions to expect so you can prepare for your interview. When you deliver detailed answers, you can leave a lasting impression on partners, increasing your chances of getting a job offer.

These interview questions guide your partners to understand you better and increase the chances of a healthy and lasting relationship at the law firm.


The following are the expected question based on different categories.



General questions are the less obvious question that might even include your name, hobby, talent, and more so your passion in the law field. This is meant to test your thinking capability, your skills, and creativity.


(1)          Why do you want to work in the law field?

(2)          How do you handle feedback from your clients?

(3)          What is your main accomplishment so far?

(4)          What are you more passionate about, in life?

(5)          What is your main strength?

(6)          What made choose law as your carries field?

(7)          How do you prioritize your work?

(8)          Where do you see yourself after 10 years’ time?

(9)          What main weakness do you have and how are you planning to handle it?


Questions based on experience.

  1. What was your favorite case and state the reason you found it cool?

2. Explain how you felt when you filed your first case at the court of law?

3. What makes you think you are a great lawyer?

4. Describe the legal paper that you have written?

5. Describe a situation where you failed in a court case?

6. What was your best course in law at school and explain why you found it interesting?

The first preparations should be carried out at home such as dressing. Since a successful interview question should be as a result of smartness, quickness, patient, unfazed, and personable with no exception of a degree and experience.


Lastly, before you attend an interview it is of the essence to pay attention To your dressing code. Make sure you are fully polished and professional looking.


Keep in mind that the essence of attending an interview is to answer all the questions correctly.


Make sure you will not be distracted by your dressing for this to happen make sure you opt to an official fitting cloth. Furthermore, most of the answers you give out should be realistic. Giving out truthful answers will increase your opportunity to speak fluently thus minimizing time wastage. This is just but a few guidelines. But, remember to stay real all throughout your interview.

A successful interview will always last at a duration of 30-45 minutes but this can easily change depending on the industry or the firm its self. A long-lasting interview should be offered a break in between the schedule. Despite all these challenges, a well-set mind will always conquer. Be smart and prove to the partner that you are capable of.

How to prepare for law interview

As you prepare for an interview there are some mandatory things that you should be awarded of.

  1. Dress comfortably for a law interview

When attending an interview your first impression to the interviewer matters. Most people underrate the importance of the first appearance. You should distinguish between dress to kill and dress to impress. Your dressing code should impress the interviewer, simply because that law is not a fashion or designer interview. Be descent and wear a fitting, that will also boost your confidence. Individuals who are fond of wearing tight, short, and lagged clothes are most likely to fail you in a law interview just because of the impression they set. However, some companies have a down cut of cloth decency thus it is always well to know the company that you are attending in.

  1. Always be prepared to answer questions law interview questions

Attending a law interview is not just showing up! You will also be required to show your experience, confidence, and creativity where necessary, answer the surest question with an additional point. But, If only the question is oral. But, for the written questions saving time is very important. However, if this is a must, be sure you ask a question that you know the answer to! In case you are asked to give your idea or opinion to the same questions? Give detailed answers with immediate logic. Application questions are always open but make sure you answer your questions wisely and with prove linking.  Leave your answer open, this will open space for another question. No one likes to be left hanging.

  1. Put your skills into consideration

What you know is the most important of all. The firm’s employers always want someone who can represent the company well maybe in a meeting or to a client. You must clearly show your reliability to the maximum. Be always ready to answer questions about your self just do them impossible because that is the only thing that will differentiate you from the rest of your collaborators.

  1. Etiquette

    Etiquette is not an exemption, Therefore, I consider it wise to remind you that how you talk defines your characters. So, it is always wise to introduce yourself with the highest dignity ever. The employer is a judge by default, Watch your tongue and mind your thought. This is always a time to prove all the good in you. The business employer is always in to pick gold among the massive stones.