“Please read and help me to write 2 responses(3-4 sentences) on the following discussions : 
1.    Maya Angelou was a woman of many talents. I was familiar with some of her poetry. However, she was more than just a poet. She was an innovator, a role model. The things that she accomplished especially at a time where racism was so prominent, she talked about using the “black” library at a time that if you were African American you were looked at differently and treated differently. She persevered and rose above it. I remember when I was in elementary school I had to recite one of her poems at an assembly. I was maybe 5 or 6. I remember it being so powerful. The name of the poem was, Still I Rise. Now that I have read some more about her actual story and some of the things she had been through and overcome, it was important for me to read the poem again. I have to say that as an adult I was able to understand It better and it proved to be just as powerful. In her interview she also quoted the works of other artists, she made mention of some of the work that inspired her. She was a well versed as an artist and work as an activist and educator was amazing.
2.I will add.