Please read  “”Guide to Fences “” ,  Part I: The Play. Part I is  broken down into “”Wilson Play Like Listening to the Blues,”” “”Fences  Extended Family,”” “”Wilson’s Introduction to Fences,”” “”Synopsis: A Scene by Scene Breakdown,”” and “”Setting.”” 
Part I will provide:

a brief overview of the play and the context in which it had been written.
introduce you to the central character, Troy Maxson, and the other characters in the play
August Wilson’s introduction to his play. 
how the play is broken down into Act 1 (4 scenes) and Act II (5 scenes).
provide information about the setting

Please Answer on the following question:  1. In Part I “”Wilson Play Like  Listening to the Blues,”” what ideas did you find particularly  significant or revealing? How do you think learning about this will  provide you with a more in-depth understanding of the play?