Literature analysis

“For the final paper, you will develop a detailed literary analysis and research essay that builds on the work which you began in Journal: Pre-writing and Research. Having broadly described your research topic, you will now begin to develop a clear thesis or main argument concerning a key theme, question, or interpretive challenges posed by the text in question. In order to develop your literary analysis, you will consult a minimum of three academic sources which will provide support as well as a critical perspective from which to conduct your analysis.
For a reminder of some of the important schools or approaches to literary analysis, refer back to the learning unitLinks to an external site. in this module. You may decide to choose one of these schools to guide your research, or you may simply decide to draw from a range of relevant scholarship on your text. In your essay you should use a specific style of referencing and citation, such as MLA, APA, or Chicago. Your essay should also incorporate direct quotes from the primary text in order to provide specific evidence for your analysis.
You will submit a rough draft of your paper in this assignment in order to obtain detailed feedback from your instructor. Once you have received feedback, you will revise and proofread the paper before submitting the final draft of your paper in the next assignment.