Literature discussion

“write a response 1-2 sentences on the following discussion:

Fences is a story that is rooted and stems it’s overall essence from the characterization of the the characters in the play. The way August Wilson focuses on makes the characters qualities be personified and stand out strong stems from his specific style of writing the play itself. In the story the protagonist is Troy, as described with direct characterization he is a fifty three year old large man with thick, heavy hands and black. These words of characterization reveal details to rise an image of what troy looks like in the play. Bono, Troy’s friend of thirty years goes on to describe Troy indirectly as honest, a hard worker, strong, talkative, crude and vulgar. These are indirect characterization qualities of Troy’s personality that is seen by those close around him. In the play it August writes “Together with his blackness, his largeness informs his sensibilities and the choices he has made in his life.” Giving details to describe that the way Troy’s body looks has impended on the various choices he has made in life. Considering his own stature and appearance gives value to what he does or may do. Then August says that Bono seeks to emulate Troy’s strengths and qualities because it inspires him. This characterizes Troy and Bono indirectly showing the affect that Troy has on people around him and the type of person Bono may be.