Literature discussion

“Please read and help me to write  a response(1-2 sentences) on the following discussion:
Look at the photo of August Wilson’s boyhood home. How do you think his experience has informed the context of the play? How does  the photo connect with the information shared about the African American experience during the time the play takes place (1957)?
His experience informed the context of the play through its scenery. Based on the photo it is clear that his boyhood home was poorly maintained. The photo connects with the African American experience by the way African Americans were treated. In “”Wilson’s Introduction to Fences”” it says, “”The city rejected them, and they fled and settled along the riverbanks and under bridges in shallow, ramshackle houses made of sticks and tarpaper. “” The setting in “”Fences”” was similar to Wilson’s boyhood home being that both homes were in bad condition. The setting in “”Fences”” had an ancient two-story brick house off a small alley whereas Wilson’s home appears to also an ancient home off a small alley. In the text the words to describe were”” badly in need of paint””, which also can fit for Wilson’s home. African Americans experience in 1957 was a suffering way. The city only paid attention those whom benefited them such those with “”talent, guile willingness, and capacity for hard work””.