Match the bacteria to the descriptions:
___Escherichia coli
_____Treponema pallidum
_____Bacillus Subtilis
_____Bacillus tetani 
_____Clostridium botulism 
_____Yersinia (bacillus) pestis 
_____Bacillus anthracis
_____Staphylococcus aureus
A. strep throat, related bacteria causes necrotizing fasciitis 
B. found on skin, responsible for minor infections, boils, pimples; MRSA is an antibiotic resistant form; some strains cause necrotizing fasciitis
C. causes tetanus (lockjaw), most people are vaccinated
D. causes botulism (food poisoning) 
E. causes Black Plague 
F. anthrax 
G. very tiny, cause of pneumonia 
H. belongs to same family as E. coli, also causes food poisoning
I. spiral-shaped bacteria, syphilis
J. common bacteria of the digestive tract, causes food poisoning, GRAM NEGATIVE
K. hay bacteria, easy to grow in lab, GRAM POSITIVE”