“News analysis

Every week, each students needs to post one critical news review of one news item found from established online media, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, L.A. Times, etc.

Do not copy the news article title, use your own catchy phrase or words to comment on the event
Write a few sentences (see sample post by instructor) commenting on the broader implications of an event in relation with international justice, i.e. themes we’ve discussed in class
Provide a URL with the source of your news article

An unmoved International community struggles to stop the war in Syria
The unnerving images of a young boy’s body washed ashore across many social media platforms recently raises the question of international engagement, i.e. EU and UN interventions, with regards to the violent conflict ravaging Syria. While geopolitical and geo-strategic interests have rendered an international response to war on Syria’s soil and neighboring countries difficult, the consequences of chaos and misery reach beyond the Middle East and may pose a major sociopolitical, and socioeconomic challenge for the European Union.”