“Each group is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 5 slides per student not including the cover slide and the reference slide. Every slide needs to include 100 words in the Notes section. Your slides should be combined as one presentation. Only one (1) group member needs to upload the presentation.
Please, ensure every group member’s name is on the cover slide. You must use at least one reference, in addition to your book. You need to use in-text citations. Your in-text citation and your reference (on your reference slide) must be in APA format.

Discuss best practices for hiring top talent and the process for developing top talent from within the organization.


“Project: Migrating to Cloud

Develop the project idea based on the following steps:
A. Initiating 
B. Planning 
C. Executing 
D. Monitoring and Controlling 
E. Closing 
I need 15 slides of PowerPoint presentation on Controlling step(Gathering and analyzing project data)”

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