proposal for research paper

“Your Topic Proposal is a one-page summary of your research project.  You will need to do some basic research to complete this document.  You will need to complete a basic investigation/basic research of your four required areas before proposing a topic. This assignment should NOT be in paragraph form.  Instead, create a basic outline for your proposed topic.  Your writing should be formal, written in 3rd person, using formal academic language.  You do NOT need to cite sources or provide a works cited page for this assignment.  Also, you do not need to reply to your classmates for this assignment.  
Your summary must contain the following items:
MLA Heading
Title:  Author’s Name
Preliminary Thesis Statement:  This is a basic sentence that indicates the topic and the direction you will follow as you discuss your topic.
Outline:  You need a topic sentence and at least three points for each of the required areas.  This outline must be a sentence outline, using complete sentences for all areas.  You must address these four areas:


Your 1-2 page paper should be typed, double-spaced in font no larger than 12 point and attached to this thread as a word document. 
Your paper should include a heading that includes your name, class, time and title. Follow standard MLA formatting conventions and adhere to formal academic standards for language (no first or second person).
See Lesson 4 for an example of a topic proposal.