Proposal Plan

“This is a discussion forum to share your proposal ideas and plans for the assignment  Describe what kind of proposal you want to develop, what specific problems you want to solve or what opportunity you want to create/maximize, why, who will benefit from it and how, and why your proposal makes sense and deserves support. Additionally, who is your target audience? Who are you planning to pitch it to? What kind of needs and/or interests does that audience have? How do you plan on making your proposal a winner?  
Requirements: about 300 words, two credible sources (popular and/or scholarly) about the problem–specific or general depending on the topic. See above for the specifics about the topic. Here below is a sample of what can it look be but different topic.
Proposal: grant proposal
Problem: building a visual internship program for major business students and creating opportunities for practicing real business issues. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the global economy is at a tough period. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy will shrink by 3% this year, and the IMF described the decline as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The economy declining also causes that more than three million people have filed for unemployment in the US. Therefore, this time is hard for students who plan to graduate this year to find an internship opportunity because many companies are downsizing or temporarily closed. But the internship experiences play an essential role when companies interview candidates and internships can help students convert book knowledge into practice knowledge. In order to help graduate students get more internship opportunities, I plan to build a visual internship program. In this program, company managers will be invited to teach students how to deal with real business issues. Students can simulate operating real business cases in this class. For example, this program will corporate with banks, and students can practice doing financial planning for real customers. By associating with the current situation, this program will nor organize face-to-face internship, but students can participate online. In this program, students can get practice opportunities to deal with real business cases or issues, but they do not need to worry about doing wrong because it will not fire students. The goals of this program are to offer students practice opportunities and help them get ready for going to careers in the future. 
Target audience: the financial department of the university. They need this plan to benefit students. If it is a beneficial proposal, and it is feasible, the financial department will fund to build this program.
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