Research paper of 10 pages “Benefits of Information Technology in the Global Economy”

“The research paper will be a formatted APA paper.  It is 12 pages, double-spaced.  Paper length requirement is 12 pages of content from Title Page through References with no plagiarism.  The Final papers will contain a title page, TOC, abstract, introduction/topic paragraph, summary/conclusion, and references page. 
This is the abstract 
Information technology has been one of the critical aspects and an accelerator in driving the global economy with computational technology tools. ICT can be defined as systems whose fundamental functions are anchored in the generation, processing, storage, communication, and presentation of digital data (Masanet, E., & Matthews, H. S. 2010). When we are speaking of the global economy, there is an e-government or electronic government. This is a digital interaction among governments, parliament, central & state governments, and connecting citizens with the governance. Using information technology, when implementing e-governance, the (central and local) government has to redefine how the state interacts with the community, and central interacts with the states and brings it closer to the citizen. It involves him in the government process (Iovan, S., & Daian, G. I. 2013). Companies competing in the worldwide market are seeing and taking advantage of operating at a global level. They are profiting from the international markets, and consumer and production diversity are the main factors. Globalization is what matters in doing business with different countries. These include and are not limited to international competitors, investment strategies, infrastructure, local government stability, global rivalry, physical and elusive ventures, etc.
This research paper aims to present some aspects of the use of Information technology for the betterment of society and how it transforms information society, which in turn develops a country’s economy.”