short esay

“you will have to write 300 words only and watch a video and i provide you a word file to help you.
In order to complete this assignment, you must start by viewing the Vimeo vidoe entitled “”This is Water”” by David Foster Wallace, by visiting the following link:  (You will have to copy and paste the link as I cannot hyperlink this website for some reason.) After watching the video, read the passage below and answer the questions in a thoughtful 300 word essay and submit it here via a Word Document.  Make sure to use concepts discussed in the textbook to explain your answer.
As you saw in the video, one of the most complicated parts of the communication process or simply interacting with one another in your every day life is the fact that all too often we let our own personal agendas and lives cause us to tune out the communication of others.  As such, we can hear what people are saying, but we are not listening to them.  While the video and David Foster Wallace’s sentiment might have only been saying what many would consider to be common sense stuff, it is all too often that we do not realize it or take the time to consider it until it has been presented to us in such a poignant way.  What aspect of Wallace’s “”This is Water”” do you feel is the most important to improving your life as a communicator?  What is something that he pointed out that you feel you overlook all to often in your personal life? What about your professional life?  How can you change the way that you interact with people and become more attuned to listening to others rather than simply hearing them?