Short Stories and Characters


The first resource provides you with some guidelines for reading any short story effectively.
The first resource:  Short Story Reading.pptx
The second resource supplies you with  information about all of the short stories included in the last  literary unit of the semester; this information can guide your reading  of them.
The second resource:  Short Stories (Reading Guides)-1.pptx
The third resource furnishes you with  information about MLA in-text citations, parenthetical references, and  works cited entries as they relate to short stories.
The third resource:  Brief MLA Review (ENC 1102 Short Story Essay).pptx
The fourth resource presents information about standard quotation format:
The fourth resource:  Quotation Format-2.pptx


Read “”Recitatif,”” by Toni Morrison, on pages 138-155, and read pages 130-138 for information about the element of fiction known as character.   
Answer the three response items in the next section.
Include at least one quotation from  the short story for support of a claim, include an MLA in-text citation  or parenthetical reference in any sentence with a quotation, and include  an MLA works cited entry for the source from which you took the  quotation (the textbook or a PDF, for example).
Type your answers, and then save them as a Word document.
When you are ready to submit the  activity, click the blue “”Submit Assignment”” tab in the upper right-hand  corner of the page.  Next, click “”Choose File”” to select the file to  submit, and then, click the blue “”Submit Assignment”” tab below the  comment section.  Include a comment only if one is needed. 

Response Items:

Select either Roberta or Twyla.   Then, using complete sentences, explain if the woman is (A) a major or a  minor character, (B) a round or flat character, and (C) a dynamic or  static character.
Select either Roberta or Twyla.  Then,  using complete sentences, explain if that character is either African  American or white, and provide at least two reasons from the story to  support your claim.  For your reasons, you may wish to provide  quotations using standard quotation format.  
Using complete sentences, explain if it really matters to you if the racial identities (African American or white) are known.