URGENT Assignment – 8-10 Hours

“Assignment Instructions: Observation Exercise

Observation Exercise assignment update: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the the observation assignment and guidelines have been revised. This assignment originally required that students travel to a college or university campus and conduct a one hour observation of student interactions. Since the majority of campuses are temporarily closed, this assignment has been revised to an observation of the website of student affairs services on a college or university website. This assignment has also been changed from a paper assignment to a Microsoft PowerPoint assignment in order to better accommodate addressing the goals of this assignment.  
GOAL: Students will view at least 2 to 3 website links related to student services on a college or university’s website.  Using the website analysis handout contained in this folder, select a college or of your choice within the state that you are assigned (TEXAS is state Assigned), and conduct a website analysis of the student services website at the college or university.
Important factors to include in your observation website analysis:

Brief introduction to information on college or university selected for your project (e.g., 2 year, 4-year, size, location, etc.).
Website and web links analyzed for your project.
Specific information presented on student services (e.g., services, contacts, etc.)
Information and other forms of technology (videos, twitter, etc.) used on student services websites
 Perceptions of ease and usefulness of finding important information for students using the website.
Strengths and weaknesses of the websites.

Presentation Guidelines:
The presentation should be comprised using Microsoft PowerPoint. The format of the presentation should follow the slide link guidelines listed below and use a font size larger than 20 points. Avoid text heavy slides and limit text on slides to no more than seven lines of text per slide. Presentations should be creative and visually appealing, including the use of images and technology.  Presentations should be professional, grammatically correct, and well-organized.
SA 582 Graduate Students will have 11-12 total slides. 
Presentations will be scored on content, organization of slides, clarity of presentation, topic coverage, visual appeal, creativity, grammar, professionalism, and formatting adherence. Use APA, sixth edition formatting.

Document or Website Analysis Worksheet is ATTACHED, which may be a useful resource in completing the revised Observation Exercise assignment. You do not have to submit this sheet with your assignment