URGENT Assignment – 8-10 Hours

“The PPT should highlight what you have learned about your topic and present that information in a visually appealing, informative way. (The best way to think about the PPT is to imagine you work for any agency that wants to give a presentation within the community regarding one of the above topics – you need to create a presentation that grabs the audience’s attention, provides important knowledge, and demonstrates the need to learn for your topic). Each group member will be responsible for a minimum of 5 content slides each (this does not include title, closing, references, pictures/videos, etc) – therefore, if you are in a group of 5, you should have at least 25 slides minimum.  There should be one PPT submission per group.
 Your PPT should include all of the following Titles:

Goals/Objectives of Presentation
Definition of Important Terms
Why is this important
What is being done to remedy or educate (e.g. prevention/intervention)
Along with any other information you believe is needed.”