Week 5 Reflection Paper (for Noorfatima)

“Brownfield definition: A brownfield is an abandoned, idled, or underused industrial or commercial facility in which redevelopment is burdened by real or potential environmental contamination.* Typical businesses that leave behind such contaminated sites:
· Railroads
· Gas stations
· Oil refinery
This week, we covered brownfields redevelopment, and reuse of underutilized urban and suburban buildings and land for uses that support RLS. Think about the community you’ve selected for your final project, (community is Walnut Creek, CA) and consider the following:  
1. Buildings or lots that you drive or walk by everyday that could be put to better use (e.g. a vacant lot, a abandoned property, an aging strip mall, a derelict industrial site, an old school, etc.).
2. The income to the local government from taxes – sales, property, business license – and other revenues, and how it could be different with another use. 
3. The possible burden of the property on city services., like crime and grime.
Describe the site, and what you would like to see on the site. And discuss the following:
1. The type of development(s) you would like to see there.
2. The potential benefits from reusing the site for the use(s) you are proposing.
3. The pushback you may receive from the property owner, the neighbors or the general public from the proposed reuse(s) you are proposing. What concerns could others people have about your proposal? And what points you can offer to change their minds.
· Write a 2 page paper, single space, reference and in-text citations. The paper can be text only, any graphics/tables, photos you desire within the paper.”